3 Things You Can Do With Your Old Gold Jewelry

When you have old jewelry that just sits in your jewelry box, you might consider throwing it away or donating it, but consider other ways you can use it. Here are some things to consider doing with your gold jewelry so that you can still benefit from it somehow and it doesn't just waste away in the back of your jewelry box. Have a Goldsmith Transform it The first thing you can do is visit a local goldsmith and have them turn your gold jewelry into another piece of jewelry. [Read More]

Looking For An Idea For Your Custom Engagement Ring? Try One Of These

Do you want a custom engagement ring? Just about any design that you really want is possible, so you can let whimsy reign when you create your custom piece. For a touch of timeless elegance and something unique, consider choosing a design straight out of the flora and fauna around you. Here are some ideas: 1. Frogs If you have hopes for a love that will grow along with a large family, consider having a tiny frog etched into the design of your ring. [Read More]

Looking For Something Red For Valentine's Day Already? Try These Gems

Valentine's Day is coming -- when red is the color of romance. If you're looking for a piece of red jewellery for a special someone, but if you want your gift to have a significant message as well, here are some ideas: Ruby Ranging from blood red to pale pink, the ruby is a naturally red stone formed of corundum, but expect to pay more according to the depths of the color in the stone. [Read More]