3 Things You Can Do With Your Old Gold Jewelry

When you have old jewelry that just sits in your jewelry box, you might consider throwing it away or donating it, but consider other ways you can use it. Here are some things to consider doing with your gold jewelry so that you can still benefit from it somehow and it doesn't just waste away in the back of your jewelry box.

Have a Goldsmith Transform it

The first thing you can do is visit a local goldsmith and have them turn your gold jewelry into another piece of jewelry. You might not want to hold onto the engagement ring your ex-husband gave to you to use as a ring, but you can have the gold melted down and used as part of a custom-made necklace pendant, with the original diamonds being used in the pendant, but in a new design. Many older jewelry items can be adjusted or melted to make an entirely new piece of jewelry. They can also make minor repairs to jewelry, such as if you want to add new gemstones but keep a ring or pair of earrings intact.

Turn it Into Home Décor

If you want to keep the jewelry, but don't have any desire to use it as jewelry, you can turn it into home décor items. There are many DIY crafts you can do with all types of gold jewelry, whether it is a solid gold ring, broach, or necklace pendant. A simple way to re-use simple gold bands is to put them around paper napkins on your dining table. This allows you to re-use them and have beautiful and unique napkin rings. With jewelry items that have gemstones and color, such as necklace pendants or earrings, consider gluing them to lamp shades or picture frames for a unique home décor accessory. Larger pendants or broaches can be used as part of your curtain tie-backs.

Sell it to a Local Dealer

There may also be some gold jewelry items that you don't want to hold onto, and would instead like to earn some money from. You can do this by visiting gold dealers, like Highglow Jewellers Ltd gold buyers, and having them weigh the jewelry items. Solid gold jewelry will go based on the purity of gold, weight, and the current gold value. Jewelry with diamonds or gemstones will need to be appraised for its value so you can get a fair price for it. This allows you to have some extra money for buying brand new jewelry that you like better.