Looking For An Idea For Your Custom Engagement Ring? Try One Of These

Do you want a custom engagement ring? Just about any design that you really want is possible, so you can let whimsy reign when you create your custom piece. For a touch of timeless elegance and something unique, consider choosing a design straight out of the flora and fauna around you. Here are some ideas:

1. Frogs

If you have hopes for a love that will grow along with a large family, consider having a tiny frog etched into the design of your ring. Frogs are heavily associated with abundance and fertility in many cultures. Alternately, there's another old tale about frogs that talks about romance and loyalty: the story of a prince who was transformed into a frog until a princess broke the curse. This design would be perfect if you had to struggle your way through some rough times until you found your prince or princess.

2. Bees

Bees have been used in jewelry designs for centuries. In ancient Greece, the bee was the symbol of royalty. In Egypt, they were thought to have been born from the tears of Ra, the Sun God. Bees are also modern day symbols of wealth, luck, harmony, and the right to enjoy the results of your own efforts. There's also something enduringly tender about becoming someone's "honeybee" for life. Consider adding two graceful bees made of gold on either side of a diamond for a truly unique custom ring.

3. Orchids

Flower designs are very common on rings, but orchids are no common flower. Long-lasting and graceful, they're also delicate flowers that have to be coaxed into blooming and they only grow (much like love) under the right conditions. Because they are expensive and once had to be imported from the tropics, they're heavily associated with luxury. They are also symbols of maturity and perfection, which would make them perfect designs for a ring that represents a love that was fostered slowly, over time.

4. Wheat

For a simple ring design with a lot of hidden meaning, consider having the band of the ring made to resemble sheaves of wheat. Wheat sheaves are an ancient symbol of a successful harvest and a prosperous family for many different cultures. Wheat sheaves are now typically found only on vintage rings, but the symbolism in them is as strong today as ever. This would be an excellent, understated touch for someone that holds hearth and home deeply in his or her heart.

If you want something special to reflect your special relationship, a custom engagement ring is the way to go. Talk to a jeweler like Laura Tedesco Jewellery Design today about possible ring ideas and bring along these suggestions for some initial inspiration.