Looking For Something Red For Valentine's Day Already? Try These Gems

Valentine's Day is coming -- when red is the color of romance. If you're looking for a piece of red jewellery for a special someone, but if you want your gift to have a significant message as well, here are some ideas:


Ranging from blood red to pale pink, the ruby is a naturally red stone formed of corundum, but expect to pay more according to the depths of the color in the stone. Natural rubies are considered fairly rare gemstones these days and are among the four precious stone types used in jewellery (the others are emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds). Rubies were worn among ancient Hindus to protect wearers from enemies, which made them a favorite among royals. If you're looking for an alternative to a diamond engagement ring, rubies are also a 9 on the Mohs scale, which is used to rate the hardness of gemstones. In comparison, diamonds are a 10, which makes rubies almost as hard -- completely durable for everyday wear.


Garnets come in a variety of colors, including several shades of red. Historically, Noah was said to have used a garnet lantern to help steer his ark. In general, ancient travelers would carry garnets with them as talismans. They were said to keep their bearers safe from evil. They're also associated with pomegranate seeds, which were ancient symbols of eternity (making this stone a perfect choice to express an eternal love). They also enjoy a rich association with romance -- they were very popular during the highly romantic Victorian period. 

Red Jasper

Jasper is made of chalcedony and also comes in a variety of patterns and colors. The deep hue of red jasper, however, has made it a particular favorite among jewellery wearers going all the way back to ancient Babylon. The stone is used to symbolize perseverance and helps individuals maintain their passion. Jasper is also thought to promote healing and protect its bearers against fear. This makes it a perfect stone if you want to send your love the message that there is never any reason to be afraid as long as you are there.

Red Coral

In Greek legends, red coral was formed when Perseus beheaded Medusa and some of her blood flowed into the sea. While this origin story might seem a little dark, the concept behind it isn't -- it represents coral's metaphysical ability to help transform something awful into something beautiful. As part of its transformative powers, red coral is supposed to help the bearer heal from illness. That makes this the perfect component for jewellery if you want to tell someone that you hope to heal their sorrows.

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