What Counts As Fine Jewelry?

You've heard of costume jewelry and fine jewelry, but the difference might not always be that clear. Fine jewelry can be very expensive, but it is generally well-made and worth the money you pay. However, there are specific characteristics that make a piece fine or not. Knowing what those are will help you judge whether the asking price of the piece you want to buy is appropriate or not. Precious Metals and Expensive Stones [Read More]

Things To Avoid When You Buy An Engagement Ring

When you're shopping for an engagement ring, it's important to avoid making any impulse purchases. This can lead to quite a few different mistakes as you shop. Of course, you can avoid making a similar mistake. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can be sure to pick the perfect ring for your future spouse. A Ring That's Out of Your Price Range   One of the first things to avoid when shopping for an engagement ring is spending more money than you can afford. [Read More]

4 Reasons To Get Unique Handmade Rings For Your Wedding

Nothing is more symbolic of your love and bond with your partner than a wedding ring. There are different types of rings out there. While some are made of precious stones, others are made of metal and come in stylish engravings. However, none have achieved the uniqueness of a handmade wedding ring. No wonder many couples are opting for unique handmade wedding rings. If you are planning a wedding, read on to learn why you should buy unique handmade rings. [Read More]

What Exactly Does "Good Condition" Mean for Used Shoes?

Basketball shoes are no longer just sneakers associated with the sport; now, basketball shoes can be luxury items and collectible objects, commanding a pretty good price even when used. It's even possible to pawn your basketball shoes if they meet certain conditions. Every pawn shop will vary in what it wants, even if you're trying to pawn the shoes at a store that specializes in sports shoes. One thing that is consistent is the demand for decent quality. [Read More]