3 Fun Cleaning Hacks For Your Jewelry

If you have a jewelry collection of costume and real jewelry, you'll want to make sure that you take good care of it so that you can wear your jewelry for as long as possible without causing it any damage. Here are three cleaning hacks that you need to know in order to keep all of your jewelry looking great. #1 Use Toothpaste On Silver Jewelry Over time, silver jewelry can develop an almost black-like colored coat on it. [Read More]

Broken Jewelry? Two Reasons Why You Should Have Your Pieces Repaired

If you happen to break a piece of jewelry, you could find yourself feeling absolutely awful about it. A broken necklace clasp, missing links in a watch or bracelet or even a ring that no longer has a gem can be devastating, especially if they happen to be expensive items. While you may think that you'll just have to get rid of your broken pieces and have them replaced, an even better option could be to have them repaired. [Read More]

3 Things You Can Do With Your Old Gold Jewelry

When you have old jewelry that just sits in your jewelry box, you might consider throwing it away or donating it, but consider other ways you can use it. Here are some things to consider doing with your gold jewelry so that you can still benefit from it somehow and it doesn't just waste away in the back of your jewelry box. Have a Goldsmith Transform it The first thing you can do is visit a local goldsmith and have them turn your gold jewelry into another piece of jewelry. [Read More]

Looking For An Idea For Your Custom Engagement Ring? Try One Of These

Do you want a custom engagement ring? Just about any design that you really want is possible, so you can let whimsy reign when you create your custom piece. For a touch of timeless elegance and something unique, consider choosing a design straight out of the flora and fauna around you. Here are some ideas: 1. Frogs If you have hopes for a love that will grow along with a large family, consider having a tiny frog etched into the design of your ring. [Read More]