Antique Jewelry: Why It Stands Out

Jewelry has long been the perfect way to adorn wearers who wish to express themselves in an artistic way. As a statement piece or a more subtle addition to one's wardrobe, jewelry has a long history of adorning its wearers and have an extensive list of styles. Antique jewelry perfectly encapsulates eras that have gone before that feature uncommon looks compared to modern styles. Here are a few benefits one can expect when shopping for and wearing antique jewelry pieces. 

One of a Kind

Owning an antique piece of jewelry means owning a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that was not mass produced or replicated. Looking for a piece that is from a specific time period can be an excellent way to obtain jewelry that reflects the aesthetic of a given era. For those who have a passion of all things art deco, for instance, finding a set of earrings from the 1920's that showcase an art deco geometric pattern would be the perfect addition to their collection. While pieces can be procured with distinctive styles or time periods in mind, each piece will still be unique in its own way and therefore far more valuable than an average piece of jewelry. 

Created to Last

Antique jewelry not only stands out from modern pieces in look, but also features the factor of durability that lasts decades. With a strong focus on craftsmanship, jewelry makers of past were completely devoted to creating a piece that was of the highest quality and would not falter over time. Look for a piece that features a sturdy body, clasps and prongs that are securely set in place. Often, quality antique jewelry can weigh more than modern pieces, but this is simply a feature of a sturdy piece. Antique jewelry should also be worn comfortably for those shopping for a new addition to their collections, and this should be considered as an important step in the buying process. 

A Timeless Look

Though some antique pieces have been preserved exquisitely, others can certainly show a more aged look. This usually does not become a factor into the overall quality of the piece and can even lend a certain amount of character to an otherwise ordinary piece of jewelry. The distinctive look of these aged pieces, regardless of their condition, can be incorporated alongside a modern look as an interesting and head-turning accent to one's wardrobe. One of the greatest features of wearing antique jewelry is knowing that one is wearing a piece of history. Past owners and the stories they carried with them are all a part of what makes antique jewelry so remarkable and timeless.