Buy Custom Jewelry For Your Wife's Upcoming Birthday

While your wife might always complain about you being hard to shop for, you probably always know what's on her birthday wish list. She likely enjoys wearing jewelry. This birthday, take things up a notch by shopping for custom jewelry for your wife's special day.

When you buy jewelry for your wife that is designed by gifted artists, you know that you are getting her a unique piece of jewelry. Read on for some ideas that might be perfect for you to give your sweetheart.

Earrings With A Flower Theme 

Does your wife love gardening? Even if she doesn't do any of the landscaping at your house, she would probably love a custom jewelry design that has flowers as the focal point

What could be sweeter than pansy-themed jewelry? Think of buying your wife a collar necklace with pansies on a gold chain. Buy drop earrings to make the gift a set.

Small post earrings with plumeria flowers as the focal point would probably also be well received. Choose them in her favorite color.

A very unique gift would be to select drop earrings that have ginkgo flowers hanging from a delicate gold wire.

Choose disc earrings that look like they have hummingbirds flying among colorful flowers.

While they might not technically be flowers, jewelry that has colorful leaves and colorful stones together would be another great gift idea.

Buy colorful hoop earrings that have assorted flowers all around the hoops.

Unique Gold And Silver Jewelry 

Maybe your wife would like to have jewelry made of metal.

Think of buying a set of bangle bracelets that includes both gold and silver ones. By doing that, your wife can wear only the gold ones, or only the silver ones, or she can mix the bangle bracelets together. If you do buy the gold and silver bangle bracelets, think of buying double hoop earrings that include both gold and silver in their design.

Choose a delicate gold or silver choker necklace and select a charm to go on it. For instance, if your wife loves the beach, something like a tiny starfish charm or a shell charm would be good choices. 

Gold or silver chandelier earrings with teardrop shapes as the main design would be a unique gift, too.

Think of a unique way to gift wrap the jewelry. For instance, a hand-embroidered drawstring pouch might later serve as a jewelry travel bag.