A New Way To Mine For Gold

Gold is one of those rare items that are as good as cash, yet most people overlook how valuable it is. Due to the incorrect perception a lot of people have regarding the value of gold, it is possible to get your hands on it for far less than its actually worth. Once you possess it, it's easy to find a reputable gold buyer to sell it to in return for cold-hard cash. If you want to get in on this new gold rush, follow these steps.

1. Gather up All of the Old Jewelry in Your Home

Go through your old jewelry and figure out what you no longer want. Cheap, unattractive jewelry can be just as valuable as beautiful jewelry with the same amount of gold in it. Gather everything up and go see a reputable gold buyer, who will take your unwanted gold jewelry in exchange for spendable cash. 

2. Buy Old Jewelry from Friends and Family

There's a really good chance that people you know have valuable gold just sitting in their old jewelry boxes. It doesn't do anybody any good just being stored away forever. You can offer to buy their old jewelry from them all at once for a low price, and sort through it all later to find any gold pieces. Or, you can make a deal with them to sort through their old jewelry box for them in exchange for splitting the profits you make from any gold you find. When they see how much a gold buyer pays for it, they won't mind that half of the money is going in your pocket. After all, they weren't making any money off of it while it sat there collecting dust.  

3. Find Gold at Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, and Garage Sales

There are always expensive gold pieces being sold for way less than they are worth. The hard part is knowing where and being there to purchase them for a great bargain. Anywhere that sells second-hand jewelry is a good place to start. Many people don't know how much jewelry is worth, so getting a valuable gold piece for a steal is not far fetched at all. It's a good idea to bring a magnet with you when you're gold hunting, so you can check to make sure what you think is gold actually is. Gold shouldn't stick to a magnet. If it does, it is not real gold.

For more information about buying or selling gold, contact a gold buyer in your area.