Three Steps To Finding The Most Careful Service For Your Watch Battery Repair

Once your watch has stopped ticking, you will need a new battery to get the time back. Though a watch battery change can be quick, you want to make sure that you utilize the right service. Though the serviced may be a quick drop off and pick up, there are things that can go wrong in the long term and the short term with a watch battery change. Here are three things to look for in the proper watch battery repair service:

Go with an overall jewelry repair service

Sometimes when you are opening up a watch, it is possible for a screw to pop out and get lost. It is also for something on the watch to get damaged if the repair technician makes an accident. If you get a watch battery change with a jewelry repair service, they can also repair any issues that may crop up during a routine change. If something happens during the changing that needs to be fixed, the jewelry firm can inform you and let you know of any repairs that must be made. 

Find a certified technician for your brand

Different watch brands will require different methods of opening the watch and performing the watch battery change. Mishandling the watch can mean that your watch warranty is void, which can lead to issues down the future. To ensure that your expensive watch is cared for, you should seek out a technician that is certified to work with the particular watch brand. If the technician is certified, you can keep your warranty and rest assured that the change is being done by someone who has been trained on your particular piece. 

Go to a store that carries fine jewelry

A store that carries fine jewelry and watches will tend to have all of the tools on hand to make repairs. This will keep you from having to look high and low for a place that will be able to change out your watch battery. A fine jewelry store also typically carries a customer guarantee, so if anything malfunctions or stops working, you will be able to come back and have any issues taken care of. Ask the jeweler about the guarantee and any documentation that you are provided with after the watch change. Take any receipts and certificates to keep your watch original manual in order to prove that the watch has been kept in appropriate condition.